Club Rides

New members are welcome to join us on our Saturday club run which takes place year-round. We meet at Brunel Lock Road, which is conveniently located just around the corner from BW Cycling. Typically, we offer three ride options, as explained below. However, depending on the number of participants, we may have two to four rides available.

Saturday Clubruns

The Clubrun

Brunel Lock Rd, Bristol, UK
Led by our club manager Brian, usually covering a distance of 80-100km at an average speed of 25-27km/h. New members, except those with extensive group riding should start here.

Adventurer's Clubrun

Brunel Lock Rd, Bristol, UK
Led by Ali and Chris, this ride is not for the faint hearted! It covers a distance of 110-140km at an average speed of 26-29km/h, and you should expect to ride at least 70km before stopping at a café.

Fast Group

Brunel Lock Rd, Bristol, UK
Led by Stu and Steve. The group follows the traditional racing season, so riders are slower in winter (28-30km/h), faster in summer (30-33km/h), usually covering a distance of at least 100-130 km.


Our cycling routes take you through some of the most beautiful countryside in the area, including Wales, Cheddar, Weston-Super-Mare, and Gloucester. We stick to scenic, low-traffic lanes and include some of the area’s most iconic climbs. Plus, all rides will feature a well-deserved café stop midway through.

New Riders

We are always keen to welcome new riders to join Bristol Road Club. If you’re interested in joining a ride, please reach out to Brian O’Kelly beforehand so he can offer you guidance on our ride format. We also offer a dedicated New Members Ride on the first Saturday of each month.

We would welcome more women to join our club rides, and we have many women of varying abilities that currently ride with us. Check out Women Cyclists.

Tuesday Chaingang

Friendly Chaingang

Brunel Lock Road, Bristol, UK
Starts up again on Tuesday 2nd April, after the clocks go forward, then weekly. Group size is limited for safety, with 2-4 groups heading out with careful placement of riders to ensure compatible speeds. We try to hold groups together, but those unable to maintain the pace will be dropped, although we regroup at the A38 for the ride back to Bristol.


Chaingang is a members-only ride. Please do not show up without first introducing yourself to Chris Jones via email including your contact details. Chris will assign you to a group of compatible riders and provide all relevant information on the meeting time and location. Our group size limits are in place for everyone’s safety. We ask that you’re honest about your pace and follow the ride protocol – you are expected to ride through and off and not sit on! It is best to start in a slower group and work your way up, and this is imperative if you have not done chaingang before.

Important clarification

The Nova Chaingang is an institution of the Bristol cycling scene going back several decades, but it is not connected to Bristol Road Club or British Cycling in an official capacity. This ride meets at the Nova Scotia and operates independently.

Other Rides

New Members Ride

Brunel Lock Road, Bristol, UK
Our new starter ride is on the first Saturday of the month. This ride aims to welcome prospective members and introduce those who are new to group riding skills. Usually we cover at least 80+km at an average speed of 25kph.

Saturday "Early Bird" Ride

Nova Scotia, Nova Scotia Place, Bristol, UK
Join Rob at 7:00 am at Brunel Lock for as many laps up Bridge Valley Road as you can bear, then chaingang along The Portway. This is a drop ride that is open to club members.

Wednesday "All Clubs" Ride

Clifton Suspension Bridge, Clifton, Bristol, UK
This is a regular social ride, usually to Cheddar, and not more than 26kph average. Meet at the Clifton Suspension Bridge on the Clifton side. This ride has been going for over 15 years, but it's not a Bristol Road Club organised ride. For more information, contact Brian O'Kelly before joining.

Lunar Cycles

Lunar Cycles is the sister club of BRC. It is a great option for those wanting to ride with other women and those identifying as non-binary/gender non-conforming (GNC). Lunar cycles aims to provide space for women and GNC folk in road cycling and to increase their visibility in cycling. 

Lunar Cycles run 2 rides per month – one around 50-60km at roughly 21 km/h (for hybrid and road bikes), the other 70-100km at 22-25 km/h (for road bikes only). Please note these are not beginner rides but they are non-drop rides (nobody will be left behind, and we will wait for people at the top of hills etc). 

All rides always have a café stop half way.

Details of the rides can be found below, on Instagram @_lunarcyles_, or please email Rosie at if you would like more details/have any questions. 

Please let Rosie know if you are coming along, as this helps with organising.

Upcoming Lunar Cycles Rides

Saturday 9th March: Around 101km (with option to make shorter if preferred)

St George's Park, Church Road, Whitehall, Bristol, UK
Meet at St George’s Park (Church Rd entrance) at 10.00am. Expected speed: 19-22kph (nobody will be dropped, and on hills we’ll all go at our own speed and meet at the top). Route: Warminster loop. This is for road bikes.
More info

Sunday 24th March: Around 85km

RyanBuildsWheels, Ashley Parade, Saint Werburgh's, Bristol, UK
*Exciting addition to this ride:* Meet at *Ryan Builds Wheels* (St Werbs – Unit 6, Minto Road Industrial Centre,BS2 9YW) at *9am* (and start the ride at 10.30am). Expected speed: 18-21kph (nobody will be dropped and on hills we’ll all go at our own speed and meet at the top). Route: Yatton, Clevedon, Portishead loop. This is for hybrid and road bikes. The team at Ryan Builds Wheels, want to support Lunar Cycles by offering their fully equipped workshop with work stands and a comprehensive set of tools, to help you tackle any problem. AND, hot drinks! ☕️ Rosher and Holly (bike mechanics) will be there should we need them, to carry out Standard “M” checks and fix a range of issues including; adjusting brake levers, indexing gears and lubricating key mechanical parts.
More info

Club Cycling Etiquette

On etiquette and safety here are a few things to take note of:
  • Group riding can be dangerous and requires your full concentration and co-operation, so please take notice of instructions from the ride leader.
  • Always wear a helmet.
  • Do not take your hands off the handlebars when riding in the group.
  • In Winter please fit mudguards, for the sake of those behind you.
  • Wear proper cycling shoes with cleats, no training shoes please.
  • No TT bikes or Tri bikes allowed. We prefer you also not to have tri-bar clip-ons, however if you do, never use them while riding in the group.
  • We ride two abreast at all times unless instructed otherwise by the ride leader.
  • Watch for warnings and instructions about road obstacles and turning. Then communicate these down the group as you become aware of them. Also look beyond the rider in front of you for such warnings and instructions.
  • Ride as close to the rear wheel of the rider in front as you feel comfortable, however never overlap the rear wheel of the rider in front.
  • When on the front of the group you are responsible for communicating the direction you are going. If you do not know then ask the ride leader.
  • When you are on the front do not half-wheel the rider next to you. Always ride with your front wheels level, which means a stronger rider should ease back if his/her partner cannot easily keep level.
  • Always think safety and take care of the other riders with you in the group.
  • Only blow your nose when cycling at the back of the group-otherwise you will disperse your germs over everyone else


All riders are reminded that they are responsible for their own safety, individuals take part in any group activities at their own risk. We strongly urge all riders to obtain appropriate 3rd party insurance as a minimum, which can be provided by British Cycling.

All riders should carry identification on them (which includes an emergency contact name and number) as well as any medical conditions that paramedics should be aware of in the event of an accident.

It should be noted that no liability shall be attached to the Bristol Road Club (including its officials and members) for any injury, loss or damage suffered.


Please note that these rides are not suitable for those who are new to cycling or for children. If you are new to cycling or looking for rides for children, we recommend checking out British Cycling’s Let’s Ride program.

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