To join as a new member you can simply pay below by choosing the appropriate membership option and then clicking one of the payment options. We will then send you out the membership form by email for completion and return.

If you have any questions regarding payment then please email Brian

Annual membership options and costs are as follows:

New Members

What do I get for my membership?

Membership of a group of cyclists who are all passionate about cycling. We love all aspects of riding bikes. Our first love is the road, but we also love gravel, track, cross, MTB. Having fun on a bike with friends is what it is all about.

Access to all BRC rides: the Saturday Clubrun, Tuesday Chaingang, 7am BRC loops and the Wednesday Ride.

Racing: ride for BRC (road, track, cross, TT, zwift, hill climb) and feel the thrill of being cheered on by your watching clubmates. Support the road races BRC runs (A Bridge Too Far and Severn Bridge Road Race, Olveston GP from 2023). Join in with the BRC annual Raj Soni Memorial Hill Climb.

Events: join ad hoc events across the year- eg track sessions arranged at Newport Velodrome. Members arrange ad hoc rides, riding together on holidays and audaxes etc.

Club holiday: join the club holiday for some annual cycling in the sun.

Club night: Every two months on Monday evenings and annual summer BBQ and awards ceremony.

Insurance: the club is affiliated to British Cycling, so all club events are covered. We recommend all individuals also join British Cycling which provides legal and insurance benefits for all your cycling.

Poem: weekly on saturday morning sent to your phone (if you wish), or on Twitter @bristolroadclub.

Discord Server: all club events, chat, communication is available on the BRC discord server.

What is expected of me?



See club ride page for more information regarding riding safely in a group


Follow the directions of your ride leader.

Follow the Highway Code at all times. This includes stopping at red lights and giving way to more vulnerable road users.

When riding in a group, think like a group, not like an individual.

Choose the right group for your strength- fluctuations in fitness and health will occur during the year.

Feedback is a gift.

Respect your fellow riders (including of all ages, sex and race).

Mudguards must be used once the clocks return to GMT.


We all love our bikes and cycling. Pass on that joy to your fellow cyclists and all other road users.