Rider Stories – Danny Cox

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How, why & when did you join BRC?

31 December 2012, raining cats and dogs, only about 8 people out. I fell off to Brian’s great amusement. I’ve always enjoyed group riding and after deeply disappointing experiences with a tri club, saw a BRC group ride from afar and thought that’s for me. I love the social and team dynamics of club rides – and that there is a ride every week, almost regardless of weather. I enjoy supporting people who are new to the club and the club races.

Type of rider/ racing?

I’m a very average club rider, never raced, occasional time trial 10, accredited marshall, level 1 coach.

Favourite route/ coffee shop?

UK – to The Station Café in Tintern 

Overseas – the climb from Nembro to Selvino near Bergamo, Italy. A friend of mine lives nearby so it’s a regular route when I am over there. It was the first real mountain I climbed on a bike, occasionally on the Giro. Also Majorca over the mountains – I love the Ma10.

N +1 = ..?

5 – three road (summer, winter/commuter and semi-retired on the turbo), one cross (family mostly) and track (getting dusty)

Indoor set up

Wahoo Kickr and Sufferfest

Next bike?

I’m looking at a Tern long tail e-cargo bike for kid transport

PBs/ Epic rides?

Everest-ing Cheddar Gorge in 2015 awesomely supported by many in the Club, 476 km, 42 ascents

Cycling bucket list

Mallorca 312. BRC cycle camps are great fun and I’d like to do them again.

Best cycling purchase

Arm warmers and a gilet made a surprising difference when I first bought them